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150859 MANHATTAN Hi-Speed USB 3-D Sound Adapter mic-in and audio-out connectivity through any USB port 3D and Virtual 5.1 surround sound
63002 DEFENDER External USB sound card Audio USB USB - 2х3.5mm jack 0.1m
UKD-1085 NATEC UKD-1085 UGO USB sound card 5.1 virtual USB 2.0
UKD-1086 NATEC UKD-1086 UGO wired USB sound card 7.1 virtual USB 2.0
SC-USB-01 GEMBIRD USB sound card Virtus
SC-USB2.0-01 GEMBIRD SC-USB2.0-01 Gembird Premium USB sound card, Virtus Plus
Y-247A UNITEK Y-247A Unitek, USB Sound Card, Y-247A
MT5101 MEDIATECH MT5101 VIRTU 5.1 USB, is the perfect 3D Surround sound card for PCs and laptops,
152341 MANHATTAN 152341 Manhattan Sound card Hi-Speed USB virtual 7.1 3D with volume control
61645 DELOCK 61645 Delock USB sound card 7.1 (virtual) USB 2.0
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